Hello blog world.

Well my friends, I did it. I’ve been wanting to take the leap for a while now and I even knew I needed to, but I just got busy with life and you know . . . procrastinated. *gasp* Yes, me the non-procrastinating type. But hey! I am here and I am so so excited about the things to come! My whole goal in this blogging/photography thing is not to be “the best” or “the most creative” but to just be me. Just plain ole’ raw and real me. I love people and I love sharing pretty pictures with them. Obviously I want to become better as a photographer and there’s always something else to learn. It’s a good place to be in. I’ve come so far in the past year as far as my photo work I just know that God will bless what I have given to Him. And hopefully I will be able to pass on the blessing!

My goal with this blog is not only to share my shoots and things, but also my thoughts and even everyday life kinds of things. To me those are the most beautiful things, the every day mundane things that people tend to look over. Being newly married, I’ve been through a lot of “firsts” and it’s been amaaazing. It’s taught me to slow down and enjoy every moment life has for you. So slow down and look back at those moments from today dear ones.




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