Girls weekend. New York style.


Ah, the city. I’m not a city girl in the least, but I am for sure a tourist at heart. hehe. I love going places and seeing new things! I will say on this trip I got to see the city with a different attitude and it was just the best. My sister in laws, Janelle & Stephanie were the best people to go with I have decided because they make everything so fun! I’m pretty sure we didn’t stop laughing the whole time. Except for when we were at the 9/11 memorial, then we were quiet . . .

I loved not only getting to see the famous landmarks, but to see the everyday life of New York City too. And let me tell you. There’s a whole lot of people there. (shocker right?) Suprisingly, everyone we talked to was sooo nice! Maybe they were all tourists like us, but I like to think that New Yorkers are always that friendly. 🙂

We left VA knowing that it would snow while we were in NY, but the forecast predicted that home would be getting more snow than we would be getting in NY! So we left getting laughed at when we asked people if the city would ever shut down because of snow. Little did the laughers know that the forecast changed and we ended up being a part of NY’s top five biggest snowfall totals ever. Ha. And! The whole city DID shut down. I mean nothing was on the streets except people. Finding a place to get food from was fun.


We pretty much walked everywhere and my aching legs and feet can attest to that. A whopping total of 24 miles in the three days we were there! But walking meant more time to snap some pictures so I was okay with that. 🙂 When I got back I told Austin that I would be okay with never going back except for maybe central park in the summer when the trees have leaves.


We made the most of the snow, obviously. We visited the wax museum which basically has the most realistic looking statues of people made out of wax. And it was only a little bit freaky.

Grand central station was the last thing we squeezed in before the big snow made us (yes, it MADE us) retreat to our hotel room and binge on chick flicks and ice cream (mint chip haagen daz is the best.)

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so thankful for these women. God is amazing with how he molds families and they have welcomed me so warmly! I love them so much:) (p.s. we missed you Jill!)




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