The every day | Sour milk


I kind of have this crazy idea. I knew this blogging thing would force me to post pictures, open up, be free. Whatever. But here’s the thing. Nobody’s life is perfect mkay? So I kind of decided every now and then I want to do a themed post of sorts. The every day. (probably won’t happen every day guys, just being honest.) Sometimes it might be a struggle I am dealing with or maybe an awesome accomplishment I’m excited about. It might even be funny (those are my favorite). Whatever it may be, I want it to be here for everyone to see that every day life is real for every person and it’s worth sharing.

So about this lovely looking cup on a windowsill.

This morning I was at my friend Kelsey’s house doing laundry. Every time I go to Kelsey’s house for laundry day, she makes me an iced latte and we have a grand time looking like weirdos doing pilates together. It’s great. Well Kelsey is in warm and sunny CA right now (insert jealous face. whatever that looks like) so I’m here feeding her pup and cleaning her fridge. Hopefully you don’t read this Kels and I ruined the surprise. Ha.

Oh yes, my story . . . So I figured out the espresso machine and made my own latte today. In the 9ish months I’ve been married I have most definitely learned how to make a good shot of espresso, and this morning did not dissapoint. I filled a cup with ice and milk, mixed in the yummy java and took a big ole’ gulp. The next thing I remember is trying not to puke over the sink. Sour milk is something I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing and now that I have, I have no desire to ever experience it again.

Every day life indeed. Happy friday!



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