Lived in.

Most people who find out we live in a camper almost always ask one of these three questions:

  1. Do you ever feel claustrophobic?

Answer: Well it’s around 300ish square feet. So yeah. Because if you spend an exorbitant amount of time in a small place don’t you start feeling like you need a little air? When I am feeling like I’ve just got to get out, I’ll go for a walk or invite myself over to Kelsey’s house. hehe

2. Is it hard living in such a small space?

Answer: Depends on what you mean. No, it’s not hard to clean. Yes, it’s hard to figure out storage for stuff.

3. Don’t you guys get bored?

Answer: (I feel like this applies more to being a newlywed. Because everybody assumes newlyweds have no life and don’t have anything to do. HA.) No. We don’t get bored. I’m still trying to figure out how a camper has anything to do with getting bored. We both have jobs, we both have fun hobbies and we live near Charlottesville. If we get bored it’s our own fault. Haha


So there you have it. An intro about camper living at its finest.

I snapped some pictures this morning because I realized that probably half of my family has never seen our little abode. Well this is as real as it gets. Dishes drying on the table because there’s no counter space. The salt and pepper is usually left out on the coffee table because we ate on the couch instead of the table where the dishes are drying. I don’t put away the dishes until there’s not one possible place to squeeze another bowl. My phone is charging because I procrastinate and wait till there’s 1% battery left. Our bed is usually half made unless I drink coffee in the morning, then I make it all the way. There’s usually clothes and blankets laying around somewhere.

Wait. Your house is lived in too? Oh good. I thought I was the only one.

So this is my home, my sanctuary. Is it ideal? Not really. But it’s pretty cute if you ask me and I’m really thankful for a smart husband who’s willing to give up the status quo for no debt. Sometimes we eat pb&j crackers for breakfast and pb&j sandwhiches for lunch (only twice. nobody panic. we’re not starving.), but you know what? I wouldn’t trade these days for anything.

This is home❤

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