I came up with the word momster a while ago when trying to describe to somebody my childhood as the oldest of seven kids. Mom+ sister= momster. That might sound weird to you, but me being the oldest puts 15 years between me and the youngest sibling, Kaylee. So trust me, it’s not that weird. Growing up I was super “motherly”. Motherly in the fact that i helped my mom with a lot of different things and learned how to run a home pretty young. It’s just always been a normal thing for me. And! When I was a young teenager I went to a weekend retreat type thing with my youth group. It was one of those things where we played games and heard a bunch of preaching. During one of the messages, the preacher asked us to stand up and share what we wanted to be when we grew up. He got the usual answers of pastors and nurses, a couple of doctors, and then he looks at me. I answer with my squeaky little 13 year old voice, “I just want to be a.. a mom.” As I sat down, I heard a couple snickers escaping my peers around me. I remember my friend Russell leaned over and whispered, “It’s okay Kelce. That’s a really great thing to want to be.” And he was/is sooo right. Being a good wife and mom is one of the most beautiful things a woman can choose to be.

So basically I really want to be a mom and I love doing mom things. I really do.

So. I got to be momster to the two youngest sibling earlier this week. John + Kaylee came home with Austin and I for a couple of days while my mom and dad went to FL to see my dad’s uncle Gene who’s been in the hospital for the past three weeks. John’s middle name was named after Uncle Gene and John looks just like a younger version of him. For reals. Anyway, Uncle Gene’s liver is failing so pray for him please? He’d really appreciate it and we would too.

While dad and mom were gone I offered to take the siblings for them so they wouldn’t have to worry about them. We worked on schoolwork for most of the mornings but after we were done, we went on little adventure trips that I called surprises. Cheap treats. Ha. Yoder goats and chickens gave them a warm welcome to my new home in Madison and we may or may not have picked up extra corn off the pathway and made the chickens fight over it. That was the kids of course. Totally.



Now a visit from the siblings wouldn’t be complete without sharing some quotes. Franks are exceptionally gifted at saying weird, funny, and mostly embarrassing things. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously and usually share our mishaps with others so they can laugh at our expense. You’re welcome.


Kaylee> found this verse written for her schoolwork: “We shall rape, if we faint not.”

(I laughed so hard at this one, I snorted the tea I was drinking.)


John> *points in mouth to a loose tooth*

Me: “ick. loose teeth kind of gross me out a little.”

John: “yeah well I’ve got a loose molder too.”


Kaylee> *snuggled on the couch for a movie*

Kaylee: *whispers* “Kelce, ‘p’.”

Me: “Pee? What?”

Kaylee: “Noooo. ‘p’ means popcorn.” (said with a *duh* face)


John + Kaylee> *driving them home wednesday morning*

John: “so if you smash this car Austin can fix it?”

Me: “yeah! but if it was bad enough we’d probably just use our insurance money to buy a new car.”

Kaylee: “No don’t get a new car! They steal away all your money!”

I had fun and I hope they did too. I love ’em.

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