Ravens nest coffee + downtown

I was talking on the phone the other day with my sis-in-law Steph and she told me that she’s gonna have baby number threeeee. Eeeeeeeek! I’m really excited! REALLY REALLY EXCITED. I didn’t know her when she was pregnant with her other two, but I just KNOW she’s the cutest pregnant lady there is. Everyone says we could be sisters so I have high hopes I’ll be as cute as her one day.

(No, I am not pregnant. Sorry for dashing any hopes.)

After assuring me at least three times that yes, she was pregnant, Steph went on describing how life would be different for them soon and that she was glad we took our NYC trip when we did. I agreed.

But here’s the thing, in all the baby talk I’m a part of these days I can’t help but look at ’em and sigh. I love babies, I love kids, I love it all. Every time we’re around friends that have babies I gladly hold them as long as I can ( aka: until they start to cry for their mama. haha) and Austin will look at me from across the room with this face of dread because he knows for the next week and a half I’m gonna have baby fever. It just happens. But after Steph called me, I realized the season of life Austin + I are in right now and how awesome it really is. And let me tell you, we are choosing to live it up and enjoy this season of life and the special things it brings. Not that kids are a nuisance or once we do have kids our lives are going to end, but to just get up and go do things whenever we want like we do now will not be as often for sure.

Please mamas of little ones who don’t leave your house for days on end, don’t be jealous. Because you know, that’s the beauty of it. We’re all in different seasons. Seasons of being single, seasons of new beginnings, seasons of freedom and adventure, seasons of mama-hood and never ending housework, seasons of grandkids calling your name over and over, “Nana, Nana!”(or whatever they may say for grandma). But we can all choose to embrace the season of life we’re in and be thankful for the things it brings to our lives instead of looking at the season someone else may be in and wishing we were there instead. I’m choosing not to wish myself into the mama-hood season to early because I know THIS season I’m in is beautiful in it’s own way. Whatever season you’re in, enjoy it and make it the best it can be.

Speaking of seasons, I love being able to text a friend and meet up on a springter (spring + winter) day to get coffee and just walk around a new town together. My friend, Holly, is my favorite for this. We have the best of times. I love spending time with Holly because sometimes we can just sit, not say anything at all for a while and still have a great time. She’s also the friend who shares struggles and we talk about how we can work through them. Best of times I tell you. Take a look for yourself. ↓

And on a totally unrelated note I have been looking for ways to use the + sign. Everything is ___+___ and for that I am so very sorry. Ha.

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