Upside down days.

Earlier today I wrote this long post about how I have been feeling “sick” for the past five years and how sick I am of feeling sick. It really is the worst, but I ended up deleting the post because after I read it, I asked myself, “Does this really need to be said”? And I decided it didn’t and all I was really doing was whining.

So. Today.

Yes, let’s talk about today instead. Everything about today was an upside down kind of day in a good way. Rainy became sunny & beautiful. My dizzy head became a little less dizzy (slowly but surely). Walmart checkout line wasn’t ten people long.

It was the breather I desperately needed. I’ve learned that even if I never feel better, God is still good and He has a plan in all of this. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop trying things to help me feel better or stop trying to figure out why I feel the way I do, but my perspective changed. Being sick of feeling sick became less of a “woe is me” attitude and more of a “what for Him” attitude. Any day can be an upside down day and they can be the most beautiful ones if you are willing to see them from a different perspective. That’s what I chose to do and it was blessed for sure.

And tomorrow is another new day and I plan on:

  • getting two work contracts back under control
  • going to the chiropractor
  • enjoy laundry day with Kelsey
  • not forgetting to take my HAS blend I got to help with my allergies

and if I’m really going to reach for it:

  •  find a pair of new sunglasses austin likes.

we’ll see. hehe.

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