Something fishy

[[side note: Right before I started typing I spilled tea on my newly washed jeans. *Sigh* maybe one day I’ll be a grown-up. Maybe I’ll have clean clothes too. Who am I kidding? Probably not. Ha.]]

Life is busy lately and because of that I don’t have time to take pictures and post as much as I’d like. C’est le vie.

With the busy comes more work and more fun. Yay for that.

To put the cherry on top of all our busy, Austin finally decided (after my incessant persuading) to get a pet. Wife dealing with baby fever over here. A dog was completely out of the question so we settled with the least amount of upkeep. A fish. We actually ended up with three fish because Betta fish are finicky little boogers and if you’re not careful they’ll literally fight each other to death. We had to get all females because they supposedly get along the best (HA!) so Austin’s name he came up with, Willy, is yes a boy’s name but oh well.

Willy is the blue one you can barely see (she blends in with the scenery I suppose), Libby is the red one I could barely get in the pictures (she’s shy), and Bibi is the freaky-ish looking one with the black bug eyes (we love her. really).


We really are fishy parents you guys. The first day we had them their water was wayyy too cold because of electricity we usually keep the camper around 65 at the most. We (well I . . ) were acting like parents to a new baby or something. It was the funniest thing. No worries we have the water temperature under control.

I’m heading out tomorrow morning with my mom and siblings for a day trip to VA beach for Kaylee’s birthday. The little squirt is turning eight. EIGHT already?! She wanted to see dolphins so we’re taking a boat out and hopefully she’ll get to see her dolphin.

I’m more excited than you know. Dolphins and the beach. Win.

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