All things spring.

I’ll share the VA beach boat ride pictures eventually, but right now all I’m working on are my baby sister’s senior pictures. We went out the other day and literally drove all over Fredericksburg. It was the best thing. It’s hard finding spots when all photographers go to the same places it seems like. So we decided we were going to go find new ones and we did!

Out of all my sisters, Kira reminds me the most of myself. I don’t really think we look all that much alike (while I was taking her pictures I actually WOWed at one point because of how much she looked like Katie) but most people who see us together say we look alike. I take that as a complement because she’s GORGEOUS.

I love her bunches and bunches. She’s more emotional than me (just saying) but that emotional side of her inspires me to be more sensitive. Sometimes I can be too harsh and that’s something I’ve been learning from Kira. She’s a great road trip buddy in the fact that she plays the music waaay too loud, she’s a hard worker, she’s an artist for sure and she loves Jesus and it shows. She’s gonna do big things and I can’t wait to see where she goes!


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