Rebecca | Senior


Becca had asked me a while back to take senior pictures for her and I was so excited! I started brainstorming about finding places to go for her pictures. I have got to stop trying to find new spots because we drove all over the place again. But hey! They look good so . . .

I’ve known Becca for years and years. We went through youth group together (well partially) and at one point she was in a Bible study that me and another friend started. I remember thinking how great it was that girls younger than me actually enjoyed spending time with me. They liked me! I thought it was so cool.

Well Becca, I still don’t know how to properly hold a violin. haha 😉 and I will forever laugh at those memories. Some of the best for sure.

I truly hope that you keep on growing in your relationship with God. Make it your own with him and the more you do that the more you will start to see God doing things in your life that you never saw before. Sorry, didn’t mean to get preachy but it’s something so so important to remember as you start this new chapter in life. Keep Him first.


Love you girlie! Do big things!




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