We’re baaaaack!

And hey! We’ve been married for 366 days. Yesterday was our actual one year anniversary (which is still so neat to say btw. hehe) and it is a leap year this year so we got an extra day! Neat right? We drove to my parents house and I squeezed back into my wedding dress and ate our cake! Somehow I still fit in my dress (YAY.) and let me tell you that is an accomplishment because it was already pretty tight on my wedding day.

The post-vacation blues have officially set in. Virginia is still as soggy as I left it and it’s making this whole unpacking/cleaning thing HARD. Wow.

SO. I look at sunny, beautiful Florida and remember all the warm beach things. It was amazing. It was a surprise where we were going and I knew we were going to Florida but not where. Siesta Key is where we ended up and it was amazing. Really amazing. Have I said that already? Ha.

It really was the best trip. Austin and I were talking about how much more relaxed we were on this trip than on our honeymoon and when we think back even just a year ago, we chuckle. We are definitely more comfortable and that was my favorite part.

Guys. I love my husband. He is my best friend and I’m so thankful for him. Austin is exactly who I prayed for and God is so good at blessing me when I truly wanted His best for me.

After one year, we’ve learned a lot about communication, giving, and a whole lot about praying together. Going through life with someone who is your bff always and forever is the most amazing thing. It doesn’t get old unlike us . . . haha!

Gosh I can’t wait for the rest of our lives.


Bring it on year #2! 🙂

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