Big things happenin!

You guys! I am so excited to write this blog post because you know what?!?!

KPerry Photography finally has A LOGO! It’s been in the works for months now and it’s finally done. I’m so excited I could probably burst!

I worked with the sweetest girl, Rachelle. She’s from Oregon (or is it Washington?) and I just think that’s the coolest. She has a little etsy shop called The Little Birch and you should most definitely go check it out. She sketches all of this by hand y’all and that’s a talent I am only slightly envious of. And gosh is she talented for being so young! I am thrilled with what she designed for me and it is exactly what I dreamed it would be. Thanks so much Rachelle!

Moving on.

I have more BIG news! (no, I am not pregnant. Sorry.) I am starting a new full-time job on Monday! A lot of things will be very different for me because of the wonderful break I’ve had from working the past year and a half(ish) but I’m so thankful for God providing this and I can’t wait to get started. I’ll be working as an assistant to a branch manager at McLean Mortgage as well as the real estate transaction coordinating I’m already doing. God seriously got me this job and it’s SO GREAT. I have no experience yet they are starting me at a salary that sort of blows my mind. Go God.

So there’s the big news! Hope it was worth reading about and I do hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

(P.s. You should go outside if you can. It’s seriously amazing.)

Kay bye!

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