Well hello there.

I’m currently walking up and down my driveway trying to get in those 20 minutes (because desk job, yo. Haha) and soaking in the gloriousness on my skin. Because after a week of rain and cloudiness, this girl is PUMPED about the sun and the temperature! It’s so nice!

I’m still getting used to the new job just fine. A little crazy overwhelming at times because I still don’t really know what I’m doing (ha) but I’m doing my best to learn quickly so the spring market doesn’t kill me. Oy. Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt. The mortgage world is no joke people.

Cruise update I know all of you so desperately want to know about: ONLY 19 MORE DAYS! AGH! I’m so crazy excited we get to go again!! My parents decided to go to celebrate Kira graduating highschool. (We always went on a special trip whenever one of us kids graduated) They thought our trip last year looked so fun that they convinced us to muster up enough money to go with them again this year. So here we are 🙂 hehe

Can’t wait to show you pictures from St. John & Tortola! That is if a hurricane doesn’t Debbie downer our trip . . . We shall see.

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