Almost two years . . .

You guys. I haven’t blogged in THREE MONTHS?! Don’t ask me how that happened because I don’t even know but I am sorry about that.

Update in like five words?

We are buying a house.



Finally! We are beyond excited and can’t wait until we close next month. (I also can’t wait to paint that hideous blue. Ha!)

But this post isn’t all about the house (more on that later, I promise.) I was looking at old pictures of Austin and I the other day when I went digging for some pictures from a shoot for a past client. When I saw the ones from when we were dating and engaged I got all sappy and can’t believe it’s been almost two years since our wedding! People always say it and I know it’s true but gosh TIME FLIES. I wish it would slow down a little- just a little. It’s amazing to me to look back over the past couple of years and see God in all of it. Our friendship, dating days and now marriage! Austin is beyond what I ever imagined for a hubby and I’m so thankful for him ♥

As pictured below, he could quite possibly be better at crazy faces than me but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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