“Two or three more weeks . . .”

That’s been our motto for this whole home reno thing. Ha. And it’s been almost three months? Yeah. But hey! Thinking we’re only two or three weeks away this whole time has helped our anxious spirits some! You’d think growing up in a fixer upper would make me more of a fixer upper gal but I’m totally not. Or maybe I’m just at the “I’m too exhausted to possibly enjoy this anymore” stage. Either way, we’re so ready to be done and moved in as I’m sure everyone can imagine.

Two years in a camper makes one antsy for a real fridge and walls that don’t sweat  condensation because of  winter’s   brutality.

Anyway here are some snapshots of the process and hopefully we really are only two weeks from FINALLY moving in! Wouldn’t that be great? Here’s praying we can get it done because we’re running out of steam pretty fast.

HUGE thank you to all the family and friends. We could not have done this without you 🙂 Seriously.  Y’all are the bomb.

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